Thursday, July 14, 2016

Media is already following the script on Nice attack

With news of a major terrorist attack in Nice just coming in I was just watching some of the rolling news channels and can confirm that they are following the script that I described several months ago (the words 'Islam' and 'Muslims' are now officially banned in favour of 'radical ideologies' and 'radicals'):

Update:Nice attack - Israel responds
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fairbrit said...

Did anybody listen to the apologist for Islamist terror this morning on LBC Radio? Yep, James O'Brien was on amazing form. Uppermost in his opening comment was: "we must not blame Muslims and anybody that does is a disgusting racist." Yep, you heard it! Then an amazing guy called Neesh phoned in. He is a British Muslim and said "we Muslims must do more; we are not doing enough to reform the Koran." But O'Brien was utterly dismissive of Neesh: he did not fit O'Brien's agenda. O'Brien simply would not acknowledge that SOME MUSLIMS ARE EVIL and many Muslims do follow a very violent Koran. O'Brien seems to be ignorant than the use of ramming huge trucks and vehicles into people on streets is something that originated by Palestinians in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. That the Muslim world has been sending videos of truck attacks, urging Jihadists to carry out identical attacks using their vehicles as a weapon. But O'Brien is not informed about this. A big white elephant snoozes in his room as this presenter spews sentimental garbage, denigrates the 'average white bloke who voted Brexit and is a racist'[I am paraphrasing here] and then admonishes ANYONE who tries to discuss what is actually behind the Nice massacre. You and I know that this is a religious war, an ideology, a war that Israel has been fighting for decades. But O'Brien and his antisemitic callers, without exception, ALL blame "interference in Middle East from our Western governments." I almost threw up listening to those people calling in today. And all the while 84 are dead and dying, and over 200 are injured, some very critical tonight. Yet all that concerns O'Brien and his listeners is "we must not blame the Muslims."