Saturday, June 20, 2015

Britain is funding the continued murder of Israelis

In a terrorist attack claimed by Hamas today near the Israeli town of Dolev,  Israeli Danny Goren (aged 25) was killed and his friend wounded after being shot at point blank range by a Palestinian who they had got out of their car for to help find water. If and when the terrorist is arrested, like all 'resistance fighters' who have killed at least one Jew, he will be guaranteed a minimum salary of $40,000 for the rest of his life paid for by 'the Palestinian Authority' which is about 10 times the average wage of a Palestinian worker (if he was imprisoned without killing a Jew he would only get $2,000 per month). But, of course, the Palestinian Authority's money comes exclusively from European and US taxpayers. It turns out that the scale of Britain's contribution to this terrorist infrastructure funding (which I have written many times before about) is far in excess of what I have previously reported.

IsraellyCool reports that Britain's funding to 'the Palestinian Authority' was £265 million in the last 3 years alone (my understanding had been that it was in the order of £40 million per year). Moreover, this does not include Britain's funding of NGO's inside Israel (such as Btselem and Breaking the Silence), which are exclusively anti-Zionist and which are dedicated to deligitimizing Israel. Nor does it include Britain's contribution to the 600 million euros annually provided by the EU to 'the Palestinian Authority'.

The average Brit is totally unaware of just how big a chunk of Britain's foreign aid goes to fund this corrupt terrorist regime. And British Jews, who should know better, continue to believe that PM David Cameron is a 'great friend of Israel'. Even after two of his first major foreign policy decisions in his new term were to 1) instruct his UN Ambassador to vote in favour of a motion that Israel was the worst violator of health rights in the world; and 2) lead the antisemitic EU labelling of Jewish-made goods from Judea, Samaria and the Golan.

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