Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Now a request to rebuild Hamas comes through the letter-box

Following on from my post yesterday about an anti-Israel anti-Semitic newspaper being delivered free to households in Birmingham, this leaflet was today delivered to my house in a leafy suburb of London.

It is promoting a series of events "IN AID OF REBUILDING GAZA", which of course means rebuilding Hamas's terrorist infrastructure. While we gets lots of stuff thrown through the door I do not recall ever before receiving a leaflet promoting a foreign charity, let alone one where all the funds will go directly to a terrorist organisation. With all the terrible suffering of innocents around the world, the charities and do-gooders continue to focus most of their attention on the one group of people whose suffering was brought on entirely by themselves (has anybody seen any appeal to support the Christians of Nigeria being massacred and made homeless by the Islamists of Bok Haram?). Indeed, I was amazed to see yesterday that central London tube stations are all still running the Gaza DEC appeal posters extensively.

Personally, I am waiting with baited breath for the appeal for the rebuilding of ISIS following the American and British bombing campaign. Since ISIS was not actually launching thousands of missiles against either the US or Britain, such an appeal would actually be far more ethical than the Gaza appeals.

For the record the 'charity' behind the latest leaflet is called "human appeal". It appears to be an Islamic charity, and here is a screenshot from their website:


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