Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blair's speech on the Islamist threat brings out the UK's antisemites

Typical insightful analysis published in the Standard
Tony Blair's speech about the threat of Islamism (which is brilliantly analysed here by Daniel Greenfield) brought the antisemitic Israel haters out in force today on all the radio phone-ins where it was discussed.

The 'quality' of the debate is well summed up by the letter here published in today's London Evening Standard. I have sent the following response to the Standard:
The letter by Jane Eades (Standard, 24 April 2014) says that Blair "..stood by and watched Israel expand its borders by force". Presumably Eades is referring to Israel's attempts to defend itself from unprovoked terrorist rocket attacks from Lebanon in 2005 and Gaza in 2008.  So it seems that, only when it comes to Israel, is 'self-defence" reclassified as 'expanding your borders by force'? But most importantly perhaps Eades can enlighten us as to exactly where are these mysterious border expansions by Israel that apparently took place while Blair was PM?  What did happen during the Blair years, was that Israel withdrew unilaterally from all of the territory it was occupying in Lebanon in 2000 and from the entire Gaza strip in 2005 (with over 5,000 Jewish residents, many who had lived their all their lives, made homeless). Israel also handed over much of the West Bank to Palestinian Authority rule as part of the Oslo accords (1997-2000). But why let simple facts get in the way of Israel hatred (i.e. antisemitism)?

Janet Eades does not seem to have thought this through too well, since she is also implying that Blair should have sent in the RAF to stop Israel defending itself - which does not sit too well with her concern for Blair's military intervention in Iraq. 


Edgar Davidson

p.s. Please note that if my letter (or a similar response to the Eades letter) is not published then I will be reporting the Standard to the Press Complaints Commission since the letter by Eades contained a demonstrable lie that must be refuted publicly. 

This newspaper has plenty of form when it comes to Israel demonisation (see, e.g. here, here, here, and here).

UPDATE 28 April 2014: The Standard has now published a response by me.

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