Thursday, August 15, 2013

Statement from the families of Israelis murdered by terrorists now being released for no good reason

Isreally Cool has a statement from the families of Israelis murdered by terrorists who are being released after being pressured to do so by the Obama Administration. The statement should be read in full as it brilliantly lays out the case that releasing these terrorists inevitably produces exactly the opposite effect expected of the 'peace makers' who demand it. The statement is addressed to John Kerry who, despite all the turmoil and mass killings taking place in the Arab countries surrounding Israel, has decided that it is only Israel that deserves to be the focus of his attention and anger.

Like his boss Obamo, Kerry has a long history of supporting dictators, communists and anti-Semites as well as being wrong on just about everything. Until Obama appointed him Secretary of State he was, fortunately, unable to do too much damage to the world with his idiotic views. That has all changed now. His pressure on Israel alone, coupled with his angry statement this week that "all Israeli settlements are illegitimate" breaks all previous US policy and written agreements with previous administrations. It not only confirms him (and his boss) as an ignorant antisemitic bigot, but means that extremely dangerous times lie ahead.

More on the terrorists release here.

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