Friday, July 05, 2013

No need for satire: The JC on Ronnie Fraser speaking at American Freedom Alliance

Following my recent satirical statements by a) the Board of Deputies of British Jews on the banning of Spencer and Geller and b) the Metropolitan Police on the arrest of EDL leaders Robinson and Carroll, it seems to me that the latest main stream media reporting makes satire redundant. If you have been watching the BBC's reporting of the latest Egyptian revolution you will, for example, have been told that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate, non-violent, democratic organisation now robbed of its deserved place to rule. There are too many examples to cite but looking at today's Jewish Chronicle I found this gem that is especially relevant to last week's story on the UK banning of Spencer and Geller.
Non-satirical article in Jewish Chronicle (click to enlarge)

Ronnie Fraser is someone who I previously greatly admired. He fought a recent bitter legal  battle against the University and College Union for their antisemitic bullying (dressed up as 'anti-Zionism' of course) only to come up against the antisemitic British judiciary (dressed up as 'anti-Zionist' of course). From  today's Jewish Chronicle (which readers of this blog will know has extensive form with respect to it official position of accepted dhimittude) I discovered that Fraser:
..agreed to speak at the American Freedom Initiative (AFA) .... He appeared at the Los Angeles conference despite the presence of Robert Spencer, who was last week banned from entering Britain by Home Secretary Theresa May..
but here are the good bits:
Jewish community leaders had attempted to discourage Mr Fraser from taking part in the event
Given his brave fight against the UCU bigots and bullies I was expecting to read about Fraser standing up to these unnamed 'Jewish community leaders' but instead we find:
In a statement this week, Mr Fraser said "He would perhaps have taken a different view on whether to attend the conference if he had known the level of controversy surrounding Mr Spencer".
The piece de resistance is, however, this gem:
Mr Fraser said "While I have heard of him, I did not attend Robert Spencer's talk, nor do I align myself with or advocate his particular doctrine."
So, as per my satirical article, we can be comforted to know that Mr Fraser could not in any way have been 'infected' with Spencer's views since he actually never heard what those views were.

Also interesting is the guilt by accusation reference to Geert Wilders. There was I thinking that Geert Wilders was an incredibly brave freedom fighter who had sacrificed his personal safety, freedom and livelihood by standing up to Islamic terrorism (and who also happens to be one of the only politicians in Holland who is strongly pro-Israel), but who is only described by the JC in the following terms:
Other speakers ..included Geert Wilders, who was cleared two years ago of inciting hatred against Muslims following comments about Islam".
Hooray for free speech eh?

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