Sunday, March 17, 2013

Remember the massacre of Jewish doctors and nurses because the main stream media won't help you

Daniel Greenfield has a must-read account of the Hadassah Medical Convoy Massacre that took place 65 years ago today, when 78 Jewish doctors and nurses taking supplies to the Haddasah Hospital in Jerusalem were murdered by Arabs (with the full complicity of the British occupying forces incidentally).
 "..the burning alive of doctors and nurses in a medical convoy, showed Israelis that peace was impossible... The barbarity of the attack was then followed by snapshots of the dead, who in some cases had been decapitated, being sold as postcards as yet another reminder that the enemy was operating on a whole other notion of morality."

Few people outside Israel, even Jews, know about the massacre. On the 10th anniversary of the Park Hotel Passover massacre (which was almost totally ignored in the UK) I wrote about this lack of awareness and compared it with the total awareness in the UK of 'massacres' of Palestinians that were actually bogus:
.. when a few days later Israelis attacked a terrorist enclave in Jenin (going hand-to-hand to avoid civilian casualties - resulting in the deaths of 23 Israelis and 53 Palestinians - of whom 48 were 'gunmen') there was condemnation from the whole world as the media became obsessed with the myth that a 'massacre' had taken place. Although the massacre myth was debunked as a hoax within a few days, most people still remember the 'Jenin massacre'. Similarly, in stark contrast to the Passover massacre,everyone knows about "Deir Yassin" which the Palestinians (wrongly) claimed was a massacre of Arabs in 1948 and which is widely commemorated not just annually in the UK but at more or less every meeting where the Palestinians want to make a point about Israel's 'brutality'. In contrast to the zero articles in the UK media about the Passover massacre since 2002 there have been many hundreds of articles commemorating the non-massacres at Deir Yassin and Jenin. 
 If you google about the Jenin or Deir Yassin 'massacres' you will find literally hundreds of thousands of hits including many articles in the main stream media. A similar search for Hadassah Medical Convoy Massacre brings up a tiny fraction of the hits and fails to bring up a single article published in the main stream media.


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