Saturday, December 01, 2012

Footballers want boycott of Israel. Abramovic this is your chance

Please see important update of this story (11 Dec 2012) regarding Eden Hazard

Ever since it was announced that Israel would host next summer's European under-21 football championship tournament, the anti-Semitic Israel boycotters have been trying to stop it. Now, as a result of Israel having had the audacity to try to defend itself against thousands of terrorist rockets - including several fired from the Gaza football stadium (which was also used as an arms cache), the boycotters have seized their opportunity to brainwash a bunch of ignorant professional footballers to issue a statement demanding that EUFA stop Israel from hosting the tournament. The statement uses the pretext of Israel's strike against the stadium - and the bald-faced lie that this "resulted in the death of four young people playing football". No mention of course about the stadium being used as a rocket launching pad.

As far as I can tell every one of the 60 players involved in the boycott statement is Muslim (a fact which has been completely ignored by all the media outlets reporting this story) and that includes the most high profile Premiership based player - Eden Hazard of Chelsea. I've just sent this message to Chelsea FC:
I would like to know how the club intends to discipline Eden Hazard for signing up to what is essentially a propaganda statement on behalf of the Hamas terrorists of Gaza. The statement contains a bunch of lies that constitute a blood libel against Israel. That one of your major employees is supporting an anti-Semitic boycott is also reprehensible.

Chelsea's Jewish owner Roman Abramovic has been rumoured to "love Israel" (although I've never seen the evidence). What a chance he now has to finally show that love by publicly rebuking his employee for his anti-Semitic ignorance.

p.s. I don't recall any international outrage by professional footballers last year when Hamas tried to blow up Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium during an Israeli premier league soccer match last year  .... and of course the Palestinians would never deliberately murder athletes of any sort would they .....

4 Dec 2012 Update: One of the only non-Muslims on the list of 62 signatories - former Chelsea star Didier Drogba - has denied that he signed this statement. However, the violent thug 'footballer' Joey Barton (convicted of assaulting a teenager)  has written a piece of vile ignorant anti-Semitic propaganda dressed up as commentary on the Gaza war in the Big Issue. That's one magazine I won't ever be buying again.

Also, while on the subject of Muslims and football it is interesting to note that the media has covered up the fact that the horrific attack 'by youths' which resulted in the death of a linesman at a youth match in Holland at the weekend was perpetrated by three Moroccan immigrants.

7 Dec 2012 Update: A few more of the signatorees seem to have been faked.

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