Monday, November 19, 2012

Not enough dead Jews

I just sent this to LBC (self-explanatory).
It's enough that we have to put up with the incessant and ignorant ant-Israel obsession of LBC's regular presenters David Mellor, Ken Livinstone and James O'Brien and the rantings of pure anti-Semitic bigots like Yasmin Alibi Brown and Mehdi Hassan who always seem to be guests.

But increasingly Nick Ferrari - so-called 'pro-Israeli' presenter on LBC - seems to have fallen under the general spell of anti-Semitism. Nevertheless, he performed a valuable service this morning when he unwittingly revealed what underlies the media's relentless hatred of Israel in his interview with Daniel Taub the Israeli ambassador. "Only 3 Israelis have died, Mr Ambassador so why are you killing so many Palestinians....and why did you kill the Hamas military leader last week ..."

So you see Israel is clearly making a big mistake in spending billions on its Iron Dome system, on shelters, and on closing down half the country. If only they would simply allow Hamas to murder a lot more Israelis then "pro-Israeli" media presenters like Nick Ferrari might be able to bring themselves to accept that Israel has a right to defend itself from the constant terrorist aggression.

And if LBC's "24-hour news" had even ONCE found the time in the two weeks leading up to the killing of the Hamas leader last week to mention the 100 rockets a day being fired at Israel by Hamas, then some its presenters might not have been so surprised to discover why Israel had finally responded. 

And finally perhaps Nick Ferrai - who stated today that he "mourned every death in the conflict" before pointing out that so few Jews had died - would like to explain why he mourns the death of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who make up the vast majority of Palestinian casualties. I don't recall him 'mourning the death' of every Taliban or Al Quaeda leader killed by US and UK forces in Afghanistan even though none of those were aiming rockets at the UK.
It seems Ferrari must have taken lessons from his co-presenter Andrew Pierce (who stands in for him when he is away). On 29 Dec 2008 Pierce interviewed the then Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor and sarcastically and repeatedly asked why so few Israelis had died if the attacks against them were as serious as the Israelis claimed ("come on Mr Ambassador just tell me how many dead Israelis are there from these so-called rockets?").


Juniper in the Desert said...

Shared. This evening on Radio 4, 10 pm news, some arab women was allowed to tell a completely falsified history of the Jewish state, unchecked by any questions, even tho' it was meant to be an interview. Don't know if you can hear it again via the BBC iPlayer.
I also feel angry that the UK gov't has forgotten the 52 who died on 7/7 and whitewashed them from history, as we no longer have public commemorations, only after 7 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Good to see ugly racist zionism still alive and using anti-semitism as an excuse and defence. Bravo!
Also love the comment that most Palastinian victims were terrorists, with no evidence provided at all. Read any red cross reports recently? Or are they 'anti-semetic' as well?

Anonymous said...

Read a history book.