Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Left has a real problem with Islam - and we have to pay

I found out from an excellent article here that the (unelected) European Commissioner for Home Affairs is a Swedish socialist called Cecilia Malmström. This led me to discover a speech printed in full on the EU website that this unelected official made at Harvard University on 30 April 2012.

Anybody worried about the increasing impact of the EU on our lives should read this article. If I were to write a parody of what an insane Socialist would say to a bunch of left-wing American academics then it would be something like this article. Sadly it is not a joke. It actually is a statement of official EU policy in response to the 'Arab Spring' and it is one of the most frightening and ignorant things I have ever read. It is not just incredible that this policy has been pushed through by an unelected clique, but that nothing has been said about it in the main stream media.

The policy, in a nutshell, is as follows:

  1. We think the Arab Spring is a fantastic move to democracy but to make sure everything turns out fine we are going to transfer massive amounts of money and other favours to the Arab countries involved. For example Malmström says "we are seriously stepping up our financial assistance (1 billion € extra on top of the 5.7 billion already available)". There is no mention of how the EU can afford this at a time when many of its countries are facing financial collapse.
  2. The EU has an ageing population and a lack of "skilled and talented" workers, which together means the EU will eventually collapse unless we invite millions of Arabs to emigrate to the EU, especially those from the 'Arab spring' countries. For example, Malmström says "we will promote the mobility of people between these countries and the EU, including by issuing multi-entry visas ...Right now we are negotiating a so-called security and mobility partnership with Tunisia and Morocco". There is no  attempt to explain how such a policy squares with the fact that all EU countries are facing mass unemployment. There is also no recogntion of the fact that Arab countries are the last place any sensible person would go looking for "skilled and talented" workers.

But the wierdest thing is that this buffoon (and presumably the entire Western leftist elite) fail to see the obvious contradiction/paradox in the above two policies. If we truly want to ensure the 'Arab spring works out well'  then surely the last thing we should be doing is demanding that all their 'skilled and talented' people leave immediately to come to the EU to fulfill our needs. In fact isn't this rather racist?  By failing to spot such an obvious contradiction we are left to conclude that these leftists deep down believe that the Arabs are never going to build nice democratic societies and that the only way to keep them stable is to ensure they receive continued mass hand-outs from the West. Hence, contrary to Malmström's assertions in the speech that people who oppose mass Muslim immigration are right wing xenophones, it appears the true Islamaphobes are the leftists themselves. 

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