Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lush pushing the Death to Israel narrative

Daphne Anson has flagged an incredible piece of anti-Israel propaganda on the website of the cosmetics company Lush. It prompted me to write the following to their Customer Care team at

Dear Lush customer care

We have enjoyed buying your products over the years at your London stores. Our friends in Israel are especially keen to receive your products as presents. However, having seen this announcement on your web page we certainly will not be going to your store again until you withdraw this page, and issue an apology.

This article is anti-Israel propaganda, spewing out Hamas-inspired hatred and lies that are easily dismissed. There has been no Israeli occupation of Gaza since 2005, but this has not stopped them firing 10,000 rockets at Israel since then. The statement that there are "levels of poverty more commonly associated with sub-Saharan Africa" is total nonsense that is easily disproved from UN figures. Any poverty in Gaza is due to the Hamas government, since the Palestinians there receive more per capita in aid than any other people in the world. I suggest your read the evidence here. And I don't think the pictures of Gaza you will find on the web pages here and here exactly lend support to your narrative.
As for supporting the Charity War on Want, this charity has been spending money on anti-semitic material for many years and is almost entirely dedicated to deligitimisation of Israel. In the last three years their 'charity' has been given directly to the terrorists of Hamas. They have no interest in helping the Palestinians - they simply want to destroy Israel - just like the people behind your campaign. After all, what do you think the headline "Freedom for Palestine" means?  Hamas and the Palestine Authority make it very clear that it means death to Israel.

That is why this web page is so offensive to Jews and any intelligent person.


Edgar Davidson
UpdateResponse from Lush


Shirl in Oz said...

This has gone viral. I sent Daphne the link from Vex News Australia and now you have picked it up.
Good site and pro-Israel.

I have sent it all over the world.

Hopefully OUR anti BDS group will do something to hurt them !!

Mark Wright said...

Thanks. See the update here:

TBS said...


I just spoke to Sophie Pritchard from Lush UK, the Charities person who accepted the Palestine campaign placement from war on Want and FreedomOne World.

She is the one who approved the campaign on the Lush website Uk.
Lush was approached by War On Want wih this campaign. She said that Lush has a long relationship with them ie "we respect the people behind the [Palestine} campaign".

She said she's not going to take down the webpage, as she "believes" the people who approached her. She also reckons she's researched the background of them. She has not read the Hamas Covenant.
( Neither has Sean Gifford, the press Officer I spoke to.)

Here's some info on war On Want:

When I asked Sophie why they took on this campaign, she replied that they take on a VARIETY of causes.

When I asked why they don't take on campaigns about the lack of human rights in Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, saying that not one Arab Islamic country has any human rights, she replied, half-laughing, that they don't have time to do everything.

They have loads of time to gang up on Israel though!

When I said that Lush, though there are millions of good causes out there, is associating itself with genocidal murderers, she went for that weak 'I don't agree" business.

I pointed out that Israel left gaza in 2005, so the statement alone that Israel's "siege of Gaza" is incorrect. She doesn't care, because she respects War On Want. Isn't that nice?
These people need a good kick up the ass.

Mark Wright said...


Thanks for the update and well done for speaking to Lush. Since George Galloway became Director of War on Want it has spent almost all of its efforts and money on political anti-Israel activities. There have been loads of exposes on the web. War on Want has no interest in reallyn helping Palestinians - it just seeks Israel's destruction (i.e. it has the same agenda as Galloway himself)

The Maximalist said...
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The Maximalist said...

I confronted them about this and their pro illegal immigration stance...I did it right on their facebook page. I suggest others post on that page and their own pages too.

Lush must be held accountable and women must know what their money is supporting

The Maximalist said...

Stunningly, LUSH does not "support" this on their US site. They apparently think it would be a losing proposition here. I have contacted as many organizations as I can to spread the word about the Lush anti-Israel campaign.

I also see that they favor illegal immigration into the US and probabl elsewhere

Silvana, Israel said...

I liked every word you wrote but not last phrase which was in my opinion a degradating comment that ruined the whole message.
People are often disinformed and react emotionally. May be it's better to make our point clearer and still respect them.

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