Friday, March 04, 2011

He's gone

Sir Howard Davies, who told me "Your comments are not worthy of reply" in response to my complaints about the impact of Arab funding on LSE politics has resigned. The only shame is that the official reason for resignation seems to be focused solely on the Libyan money. The scandal surrounding the LSE's anti-Israel  Middle East Centre, and the much greater funding from the United Arab Emirates for this, has been ignored in his resignation letter. The irony is that - as far as Libya is concerned - the LSE was only doing exactly what the British Government was doing in recent years. And while the £300K from Libya effectively 'bought' Gadaffi's son a PhD, the many millions from the UAR has bought far worse:  long term damage to the academic credibility of the LSE through a 'research centre' whose primary agenda is to deligitimize Israel and boycott its academics; and anti-semitic fear on the campus through the promotion of anti-Israel activity that would even shame Hamas.


Juniper in the Desert said...

It was only when I saw his picture did I realise who he had been; Blair's appointee to head the CBI. I suppose that is where he made his financial "contacts".

Next stop, head of a bank somewhere!

Mark Wright said...

Although he was previously head of the CBI it was actually Chairman of the FSA that Blair appointed him to 1997-2003. And he was a complete disaster there also.