Friday, February 25, 2011

The hypocrisy of the British media

You can see here the banner headline in tonight's Evening Standard (full story is here if you are really interested).

Isn't it incredible that an anti-semitic comment by a drunken C-list British designer in Paris who nobody has heard of makes front-page news (and it also made a big splash on tonight's BBC News and Sky News) yet the truly vicious anti-semitism that has united pro and anti 'democracy' protesters across the entire Arab world (as I have reported here,  here, here and here)  - the implications of which will be truly cataclysmic for the entire world -  continue to be completely ignored by all the Western media.

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Anaximanders Sandal said...

I didn't know your blog existed until ten minutes ago mate, I have added it to my favorites and moved it up near the top of the list, thanks.