Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Arabs are taught to believe

A very disturbing piece by DaveM (who studied Arabic in Syria) about the extent to which anti-Semitism dominates Arab TV. He describes a 25-part series that was recently screened which, in addition to all the usual Protocols of Zion fantasies, claims that the Jews pressured the USA into using the atom bomb agains Japan. He translates Rothschild saying : “I’ve got a group in America to pressurize President Truman, for the first time ever, to use atomic bombs against the Japanese.” He concludes:

  • What’s really frightening and depressing is that this, in one form or another, is what most people in the Arab world actually believe. This is the prism in which they view every war with Israel. After all who’s going to spend all the time, effort and money to make a 25-part series knowing nobody’s going to watch it? Where’s the sense in that?

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