Thursday, February 12, 2009

That DEC Gaza appeal

Everywhere you go in the UK at the moment you can see those adverts for the DEC Gaza appeal.

Let's ignore for a moment the irony of a mass charity appeal that raises money for the very people who started a war and then were responsible for the civilians killed on their own side by deliberately using them as human shields. Let's ignore the fact that such an appeal provides every incentive to Hamas and other terrorist groups to start similar wars again, knowing that the useful idiots in the West will provide the necessary financial support for it. Let's also ignore the fact that at this very moment in the world there are millions of more needy and deserving recipients of charity in the Congo, Darfur, Zimbabwe, many other parts of Africa, South Africa and even Australia.

What you cannot ignore is the fact that the charity is unnecessary because the Palestinians, uniquely, have their own UN agency (UNWRA) that ensures that they (uniquely among all the peoples of the world) will, in perpetuity, always receive basic free food, housing and education (albeit mainly anti-semitic indoctrination) paid for by taxpayers in the West not their Arab brothers.

And this ultimate dependency culture is what guarantees that there can never be a 'solution' to the 'Palestinian problem'. Read this excellent analysis of the problem from a genuinely independent source.

And then you will realise that the DEC appeal must ranks as one of the most ludicrously unjustified charities in history - even on a par with that famous telethon in Saudi Arabia that raised millions for families of suicide bombers. But, of course, it was never intended primarily to be a genuine charity. This was always primarily a political message to ensure the public were reminded that this is what those evil Israelis did to innocent Palestinian children.

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