Thursday, February 02, 2006

Western delusions about Hamas increasing all the time

The popular view among many Western analysts is that Hamas in government will moderate their views about destroying Israel. Much of this is based on suggestions by certain Hamas spokesmen that they might consider a 'long-term' truce 'even up to 15 years'. The (fortunately now deceased) 'spiritual leader' of Hamas Sheikh Yassin actually spoke about the possibiliy of such a truce a few years ago, so there is nothing new here. In fact, what Western analysts never ask is what happens at the end of the truce and why Israel should be bullied into being a partner to it. In fact such a truce is part of the explicitly stated long-term strategy of Hamas to destroy the state of Israel. He actually said that the year 2027 (plus or minus 5) was when Israel would be destroyed (see his quote here). It makes perfect sense for Hamas to want to live in peaceful coexistence for 15 years. That way they can build up the state of Hamistan, with full recognition by the world community. This will also enable them to build up their army and weapons because Israel would not be allowed even by the Americans to do anything about it while there was 'peace'. Then, without notice or provocation Hamas will, with Iranian nuclear suport, strike to destroy Israel.

Of course it is comforting to know that once Hamas and Iran achieve their aim of destroying Israel, nations such as Belgium and Denmark would be prepared to 'rebuke' Hamas and Iran and even call in their ambassadors to express their disapproval. They might even threaten to refer them to the UN Secuity Council if they did it again - but of course such a move would be blocked by Russia and China in order not to inflame Islamic nations (which will probably include France by then anyway).

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