Sunday, February 05, 2012

Times fails to notice anti-semitism of Syrian demonstrators

One of the universally consistent features of the 'Arab spring' (be it in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria) has been that the so-called freedom fighters have dubbed the leaders they were overthrowing as Jewist/Zionist stooges. And of course the leaders they were overthrowing have called the demonstrators Jewish/Zionist stooges. The main stream media have, despite the overwhelming evidence, chosen to ignore this phenomenum completely since it does not fit easily into their pre-conceived world view.

It is now clear that similar irrational anti-semitism is also fueling the Syrian revolt. While Assad has claimed repeatedly that Zionists in league with Al Quaeda are behind the demonstrations against his regime, the demonstrators themselves have dubbed Assad as a Jewish/Zionist stooge. But the bizarre anti-semitism has been taken a step further by the Syrian demonstrators. Take a close look at the photo here from yesterday's Times. The caption says that "demonstrators show their contempt for President Assad.." because it is a large image of his face they are trampling on. But at the bottom right (enlarged) you can see part of another face they are trampling on. It is actually that of Hassan Nasrallah - head of Hezbollah - who is Assad's client in Lebanon. Since the demonstrators have drawn a Star of David on Nasrallah's head they clearly believe that he too is a Jewish/Zionist stooge. And of the course the Times makes no comment at all about this.

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