Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Black Lives Matter movement: proud Marxists but now trying to cover up their antisemitism

Updated 28 June 2020 (Note the tweet below from the official BLM UK and the way BLM Oxford advertise their event)

Tweet from BLM UK today

BLM Oxford use the same antisemitic image Corbyn was called out for to advertise their event 27/6/20

The fact that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization which seeks to defund the police and abolish capitalism can be seen by its own policy statements and adverts as well as the words of its leaders.  In the UK these aims are clearly stated on their gofundme page which today has amassed over a million pounds in less than a month (see screenshot below).

However, BLM is starting to become rather more coy about its deep rooted antisemitism.

When the BLM movement first came to prominence in the USA in 2014 its antisemitism was so blatant that even extreme leftist Jews and Jewish organizations called it out - see for example, this Ha'artetz article: Black Lives Matter Endorses BDS: Israel Is 'Apartheid State'. 

The roots of BLM antisemitism were also well documented in articles such as Where does Black Lives Matter antisemitism come from?

However, while the movement's leaders and aims have not changed, because they have recently become the darlings of the main stream media and social media organizations (including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia) a concerted attempt has been made to suppress or erase all evidence of BLM's current and past record of antisemitism. A particular case in point is their 2016 policy platform section titled “Invest/Divest”. This was the document that managed to upset even Ha'artez. It was part of a policy drafted by more than 50 organizations affiliated with the BLM movement (known as the Movement for Black Lives). It expressed support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and called Israel an “apartheid state,”  stating that the United States, through military support for Israel, is complicit in the “genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.”

The orginal link to that document no longer works (only a very heavily edited version of the orginal 'Vision' document can be found here).  The "Invest/Divest" section of the Movement for Black Lives website  contains a summary of the orginal statement with all references to specific international issues removed. However, there are links to several more detailed statements including this one containing several of the original antisemitic libels  (below is a screen shot of some of the text before they remove this too).


What BLM cannot cover up is the fact that their antisemitism has been very much to the fore in the recent protests. For example, Daniel Greenfield has documented the antisemitic attacks by BLM 'protesters' in America in June 2020:
A recent article by Karen Harradine highlights how the BLM antisemitism has also been evident in protests in the UK.  In Paris the BLM protestors chanted "Dirty Jews" and "Jewish whores"

More here:
How Black Lives Matter is working with pro-Hamas forces to destroy the USA and Israel: 


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An eye opener said...

Since color has become a language somehow, and anti Israel bigots distort, then let's remind, most Israelis are "brown," in terms of stats. You have also many Ethiopian Jews.

No wonder the propagandists will never show democratic multiracial Israel in day to day lives.


But of course Israeli security concerns are just that. Unrelated to any "color" or "race." Actually, speaking of racism, yes, Arab Muslim attackers target only Jews. Talk about real racism.


True, thus hijacking of term 'it's racism," is as old as Palestine propaganda emerged by holocaust denier Issa Nakhleh who began in June-17-1949 the "like the Nazis and worse than nazis" line (and by Nov-14-1972 said all 6,000,000 were alive and Hitler "didn't" kill, and represented Muslim Council at Holocaust deniers convention in 1982), then picked up in 1960 by Nazi Tacuara saluter Ahmad Shukairy who by Oct-17-1961 added that garbage-touch apartheid slur too and questioned Catholic Uruguayan rep. Enrique Fabregat's loyalty, stating because he's (supposedly) a Jew. And both, of course were Hitler's ally ex-mufti Islamic leader al-Husseini avid fans. With Shukairy his aide