Monday, July 15, 2019

Margaret Hodge: a case study in why appeasing antisemites with anti-Israel rhetoric does not work

Many prominent British Jews who are currently most vocal in 'challenging' antisemitism in the Labour Party turn out to be people who also have a record of appeasement to antisemites in the sense of either a) strident anti-Israel rhetoric; or b) simply disassociating themselves from Israel.

These attitudes actually lead to increased antisemitism since it empowers antisemites to spew antisemitism under the guise of anti-Zionism (they can say 'Zionists are baby-killers' instead of 'Jews are baby-killers' and, in defence, can point to prominent Jews who promote that message). But, interestingly, it is also the case that all the sycophantic appeasing does not actually make the antisemites like you any better.

There is no better example of this than the MP Margaret Hodge. She has been consistent in promoting lies and blood libels against the Jewish State. Here's a reminder of the despicable statement she issued last year after continued unprovoked violent attacks by Palestinians at the Gaza border fence against Israel (contrary to what she said even the Palestinians later admitted that almost all those killed were armed Hamas terrorists):

Did it do her any good? Did it protect her personally from antisemitic attacks? Clearly not based on this tweet she posted in March 2019:

(note the anguish at being treated this way despite stressing her 'opposition to Israel'). And things have got much worse as indicated by what she tweeted last week:

Did she ever apologize for pushing the anti-Israel blood libels? No*

Another obvious example of this is ex-comedian, 'as a Jew' David Baddiel. He was always proud to promote his anti-Israel credentials. Now he also claims to be leading the fight against antisemitism ...and moaning about the antisemitic abuse he gets for it.

See also:

*Several others like Stephen Pollard were quick to push the same blood libel, but at least had the decency to apologize when it was later proved false. But, of course, a large proportion of Hodge's constituents are Muslims. Also, we are not allowed to say that there is a special problem with Muslim antisemitism. Indeed, simply raising the issue of Muslim antisemitism in France led to several of the 'prominent Jews fighting antisemitism' to call me a racist on twitter.


Watchman said...

Reinforcing my observations that our most dangerous enemies are those "progressive" Jews who denounce anti-Semitism yet use their Israel hatred to show the Jew haters how "progressive" and "right on" they are, hoping that the crocodile eats them last.

Anonymous said...

We have one in our area. The labour MP for Leeds NE a Fabian Hamilton, claims to be Jewish, at least when asking for our votes. This kapo has now accepted a shadow post under corbyn, shadow minister for peace and disarmament, that is bad enough, but I suppose if your three previous company's go bust and you can get yourself a six figure income then your co-religionist can go to hell. This POS just recently invited to Parliament a one Yahya Al Saud a vicious Jew hater who refers to Israel as a "Jewish" tumour. This MP when asked by his Jewish constituants what he is doing about the AS in his party told us we are being hysterical now FO. He will get in next time because of the area's demographics.