Monday, June 17, 2019

Britain's Jewish 'establishment': attacking friends and cozying up to enemies again

The Board of Deputies, Rachel Riley and many other British Jewish establishment figures have been raging this week at Katie Hopkins - calling her a racist for making a documentary about Islamic antisemitism in France. The Board even demanded the film be banned in Israel where Katie was trying to show it. Perhaps they need this reminder of the main reason Jews have been fleeing France.

Here was some typical reaction to Katie Hopkins from those in the Jewish community who 'know best'.

When I posted the above graphic on the murder of French Jews as a response to Tracy Ann Oberman - simply saying that it was neither racist nor hate speech to point out that there was a problem with Islamic antisemitism in France, she actually liked a reply calling me a racist:

And, while the Board of Deputies invest enormous effort into censoring and de-legitimizing strong supporters of Israel like Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson for raising awareness of  Islamic antisemitism, they are of course only too happy to meet with hardcore leftist antisemites like the newly elected Labour MP Lisa Forbes.

The same mainstream Jewish organizations and celebrities who have been frothing at the mouth over Katie Hopkins have been silent on the Cambridge University speech by antisemitic Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, and the impending visit of antisemitic rabble Islamist rabble rouser Linda Sarsour. But have no fears our community leaders are once again focusing on the biggest threat to Jews in the UK, namely Spurs supporters who proudly call themselves Yids....


Watchman said...

Our so-called "leaders" seem to take a perverse pleasure in sucking up to our enemies, appeasing them while throwing friends and Jews like me who ask too many awkward questions.

The CST are now infected with this cancer.When I tried to address the clear hate crime of Harrow Council wanting to boycott Israel, the police officer addressing the meeting cut me off as soon as the word "Israel" was out of my mouth and when I protested, threatened to have me removed from an open public meeting.

The CST (paid employee) rep, went further and had two of the paramilitary thugs aka police officers, manhandle me out of the meeting, for in his words "I'm not allowing you to make political statements in MY meeting", leaving me bruised, angry, humiliated and 14hrs later being threatened by the Metropolitan STASI, with arrest. I'm at the point of suing the bastards.
Our most dangerous enemies aren't the Muslims, nor the "right wing". The Fascist-left are extremely dangerous, but by far, the worst are the Traitor Jews, the New Ghetto Kapos, eager to keep their titles and positions while throwing the rest of us to the wolves.

The CST and Harrow Interfaith Forum are also going to be cited together with the Metropolitan STASI.

Remember Jo Brand's tasteless joke, dealt with and dismissed within four days. In my case, the bastards have kept me in limbo for almost TWO MONTHS. Email/message me if you want more details. As far as I'm concerned, the police are now the enemy.

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