Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Raheem Kassam: Another friend of the Jews and Israel comes under fire from those claiming to fight antisemitism

If you are a public figure who is an unapologetic friend of Israel and the Jews then you will eventually come under attack from leftist Jews and mainstream Jewish organizations. This is because unapologetic supporters of Israel and the Jews understand the threat posed (not just to Jews and Israel but to all domocratic nations) by both Islamic extremism and anti-Israel leftists/globalists like George Soros. By highlighting the first of those threats you will be called a racist/Islamophobe and by highlighting the second you will be called an antisemite.

Because Raheem Kassam dared criticize Soros (correctly calling him a Nazi collaborator who is not a Jew) he joins the ranks of other great supporters of Israel and the Jews in being called an antisemite by the 'court' Jews.


Mr. Cohen said...

Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

“Increasingly, discrimination against Jews
[especially in the academic world, as a result
of the BDS movement] is regarded as legitimate
whether or not there is any connection to Israel.”

SOURCE:BDS Spreads through Community
Organizations and K-12
by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2

Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

Similarly, neo-Nazis in Germany have begun
using the phrase “Israel is our misfortune,”
a sentiment that converges with the German
[Leftist] Green Party’s explicit support for BDS.

The crossover between the two streams was
seen recently when a founder of the Green Party
spoke at a neo-Nazi event.

SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
Organizations and K-12 by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2

Mr. Dennis Prager said:

“ a rule, religious Jews are more committed
to Jewish survival. One recent example:
During the height of the Palestinian terror,
while secular Jewish organizations cancelled
their youth trips to Israel, the Orthodox did not.

SOURCE: Ignoring G-d by Dennis Prager
Kosher Spirit magazine, Fall 2003 edition

DavidD said...

I am pleased that you are exposing the yellow appeasers of the appalling Board of Deputies. I encourage anyone who is a member of the United Synagogue and has to contribute in their synagogue bill to the Board of deputies to opt out of that contribution. The board needs to be disbanded as it fulfils no useful purpose. It reflects the utterly useless people who are Anglo Jewry's so called leaders.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

DavidD: Indeed it amazes me why so many people still pay the 'voluntary levy' for the Board of Deputies on their synagogue bills.