Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Suddenly the British media is very interested in a "kidnapped" teenager

The British media - which completely ignored the story of the kidnapped/murdered Israeli teenagers until Israel 'over-reacted' by arresting Hamas terrorists involved - is suddenly all over the story today of an Arab teenager found murdered in Jerusalem. Although there is no evidence at all yet about who was responsible the media (which refused to accept proof that Hamas was responsible for the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli boys) is screaming that this was a revenge killing by "Israeli settlers".

One thing is sure about this: whereas the kidnapping/murder of the Jewish boys was celebrated by all sectors of Palestinian society, there will be nothing but horror and condemnation expressed by Israelis about the murder of the Arab boy, whether or not it it really does turn out to be a 'revenge killing'.

Update 3 July 2014: The rush to blame Jews is even more concerning given that this may well have been a Muslim honour killing. Incredible as it seem, it appears that the immediate aftermath of the discovery of the three murdered Israeli boys has been:
  • a continual barrage of rockets from Gaza fired against civilian targets (with not a word of coverage in the main stream media and not a word of international condemnation)
  • mass riots by Arabs in Jerusalem and the "West Bank" (with not a word of coverage in the main stream media and not a word of international condemnation)
  • Israel once again universally cast as the villain by the Western media and governments
  • response of any note from the Israel government other than to let its enemies attack and dictate the narrative
and there was I thinking that Israel had the right to do whatever was necessary to find the killers of the schoolboys and ensure it never happened again....

Following IsraellyCool on why you hadn't heard of the murder of this Arab teenager, Pamela Geller asks why the Palestinians are so selective in which of their people's murders they riot over (although she does not say it the same applies to the media's relative interest in such murders)


Brian Dickson said...

The killing of the Palestinian boy should be condemned just as the Israeli boys, but it is clear to any objective observer, there is a clear bias in the media and rather shamefully from world leaders.

Contrast the reaction from the two communities, when innocent children are killed.

Pedroinspain said...

Well said, Brian. What is even more astonishing is the BBC's lack (and that of almost all Western news sevices) of reporting that the murder of the three Israel teenagers came the day after the release of an autopsy report confirming that one of the three Palestinian teenagers shot a few weeks earlier had been killed by an IDF hard jacket bullet. The IDF had previously denied culpability saying that they only used rubber bullets. An IDF soldier was later charged with disobeying orders!!

But that is not the issue, which is that 2 Palestinian teenagers were shot, then the day after the autopsy report comes out confirming IDF guilt, three Israel teenagers are murdered, yet these events are somehow not linked? Really? Israeli historian Ilan Pappe spotted the link, but almost no one else did.