Thursday, July 17, 2014

How many casual antisemitic incidents like this are going unreported in London?

Following on from this incident on Tuesday we just heard the following:

Our local Chemist (who is Indian and definitely not Jewish) has - outside his shop - containers for the various free newspapers. One holds the Jewish News (and has done for many years even though there are not that many Jews in the area).  He just told us that earlier in the week a man, who had never been to the shop before, came in screaming and swearing abuse demanding to know why he was stocking the Jewish News. The man then took every single copy of the paper saying he was going to get rid of them. The chemist told us about the incident because he knows we are Jewish, but did not report it to the Police even though he found the incident very intimidating.

Maybe the man had been reading the anti-Israel incitement in the Sun over the last 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Many is the simple answer. And some will be carried out by leftist, jihadi appeasing Jews.

Empress Trudy said...

My sense of it is that there's not much of a downside to Jews using the palestinian twits tactics against them to just violently riot in the street. The only way to deal with brownshirts is to curb stomp a few of them to death in the street. Wade in with bats next time. Burn down a few of their houses and stores. What are they going to do? Get Nick Clegg to say he hates Jews even more?