Thursday, July 03, 2014

Londoners remember the murdered Israeli teenagers while the world sympathises with their murderers and villifies Israel

Last night several hundred people - crammed into a tiny narrow side street in Kensington - attended a vigil/remembrance service for murdered Israeli schoolboys Eyal, Gilad and Naftali.

The setting was in many ways symptomatic of everything to do with Israel and British Jewry. Apparently not allowed by the Police to hold the vigil in the main road opposite the Israeli embassy - where every anti-Israel demonstration always takes place - the Jews and their reasons for mourning were firmly out of sight and out of mind. The case of the murdered boys - still largely unreported and unknown to the British public - was not even made to the shoppers in Kensington who would have been completely unaware of why all those people were crammed into a tiny side street.

What those shoppers would have known about -  as it was one of the main news items all day in all parts of the main stream media - was the story of the kidnap and murder of an Arab boy in Jerusalem. As I wrote here, despite the lack of any real evidence the media has rushed to blame this on Israelis as a 'revenge attack' (when it is at least as likely to have been a family 'honour killing') and it has led to more violence against Jews which has gone unreported. Meanwhile world leaders - who were ambivalent in their concern about the Israeli boys - rush to condemn Israel and offer sympathy to the Palestinians who universally celebrated the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli boys and whose government now is officially aligned with Hamas who committed the murders and who continue to launch multiple rockets from Gaza into Israel (50 in the last 48 hours).

And finally, if Britain's 'official Jews' had any kind of balls whatsoever this vigil would have been held outside either the Iranian Embassy (since they are the state sponsors of the Hamas murderers) or the American embassy since it is Obama's Jew-hating administration which has massive responsibility for the current situation.


nigelc said...

I was there last night - did not know it was the police who chose that absurd location. There were apparently 700 there.
Should have been more.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

That's what the CST guys told us

Anonymous said...

How is obama a jew hater?

Anonymous said...

I reckon the people where hiding in the allyway. Typical jewish wimpy nature. Its not their fault