Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LBC's war against Israel

For update on this (with LBC response) see here. Also see this update.

On LBC this morning the antisemite presenter James O'Brien said that
"any person who defends Israel must be classified as a radical extremist exactly like an Al Qaeda or ISIS supporter". 
Also, in every main news report on LBC yesterday evening about the (Hamas) rocket that struck the Shifra hospital in Gaza the newsreader said
"Both Palestinian and Israeli militant extremist groups claimed it was the other side whose rocket struck the hospital"
 As I posted yesterday the British media no longer needs to know what is really happening in Gaza as they can just keep reusing this template:

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asherpat said...

LBC are indeed useful idiots, if not lower, but there isn't any real news station alternative.

When will we there be a US-style proper conservative radio for heavens sake?