Tuesday, October 13, 2015

These horrific videos must be seen because they expose the lying Palestinian narrative

I am trying to get my head around the fact that 1000 unprovoked attacks in 2 weeks by Muslims against Jews in Israel is now a reason for thousands of anti-Israel supporters to take to the streets again to protest against Israel 'killing Palestinians' (e.g. a major demo is planned in London at the weekend). The only Palestinians who have been killed were those who had launched attacks in which the Jews defended themselves. But the world refuses to recognise this.

The videos here are all from CCTV cameras and show the world the true nature of Palestinian Jew hatred. But most of all they expose the lies of the Palestinians who have claimed that in all these (and other similar cases of which there are now many dozens) the Palestinians who ended up dead, wounded, or just arrested, were the victims.

The first video is from one of the many terrorist attacks in Jerusalem on 13 October. Among the victims of this attack were Rabbi Yishayahu Krishevsky who can be seen first being crushed by the terrorist's car and then hacked to death with what looks like an axe.

If this video was from any other place in the world (or if the victims were not Jews) then I can guarantee 100% that it would also have been the top news item on every news channel everywhere in the world. But, since showing it would destroy the 'Palestinian victim' narrative, it must be ignored. So, while the entire world media a few weeks ago was fixated on a video clip of an Israeli soldier restraining a kid who was throwing stones, this video and the story behind it was (with very few exceptions - which were universally inaccurate and incomplete) completely ignored by almost all main stream media. They presumably accepted the Palestinian claim that this was a simple car accident and that the frightened and panicked driver only 'lashed out in self-defence'.

The second video I believe is from one of many stabbings in the old city of Jerusalem in the period 2-5 October . Note how the terrorist returns to the scene several seconds after leaving it to ensure the last victim is killed  by stabbing him yet again through the heart.

The third video is from Pisgat Ze'ev on 12 October when two Arab teenagers aged 13 and 15 randomly stabbed a number of Jews, including two young Jewish children who were critically injured. One of the Jews - who was riding a bicycle - is a 12-year-old in my nephew's class who was due to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in a couple of week but is now fighting for his life. Yet incredibly the media story in this case (which has been huge) is all about Israel 'executing a 13-year-old Palestinian child' - who is actually alive and well have been treated at (and now released from) an Israeli hospital.

The forth video is from Raanana on 13 October showing an Arab suddenly running at a group of Jews at a bus stop and stabbing them.

The main stream media have universally accepted the Palestinian narrative that in all these and similar cases the attackers were just as much victims as those they killed. 

Only by publicising these videos as widely as possible will the lying Palestinian narrative be exposed.

For an alternative spin on this story see this on my satirical site but, sadly, it genuinely reflects what most Palestinians and their supporters believe.

Incidentally, can anyone explain why it is left to people like me (who have full time jobs that have nothing to do with this) to do this kind of exposure while the lavishly funded Board of Deputies of British Jews still remains silent and inactive?

Finally here is a collection of graphics I have produced in the last couple of weeks:

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