Tuesday, October 27, 2015

LSE and its antisemitic Middle East Centre over-represented with jerks signing academics' boycott Israel letter

No surprise that the LSE is over-represented with jerks signing the academics' boycott Israel letter in the Guardian (21 out of the 343). The LSE hosts the Arab funded Middle East Centre, which ever since it was set up in 2010 has been a focus of anti-Israel bigotry and discrimination.  I have been covering this from the start (see links below) - although this barely touches on the extent of their appalling behaviour (I have not had time to publish all the stuff I know). It is especially telling that the Centre Head, Prof. Fawaz Gerges, is one of the signatories as it confirms what a fraud and liar he is.  In my various correspondence with the LSE they have tried to deny, for example, not only blatant anti-Israel bias but also discrimination against Israeli academics and students. Yet, now we have the Head, no less, declaring openly that he is a boycotter.  And this is also the guy who claims to be an expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict and is often used in that capacity by the BBC an Sky News, who go along with the pretence that he is somehow an even-handed expert.

In addition to the odious Gerges, Dr. John Chalcraft (who is on the Management Committee of the Centre) is also a signatory. It was Chalcroft who in 2011 proposed the LSE motion to boycott Israel  - a position hardly consistent with somebody managing a Centre that is supposed to be dedicated to research about the Middle East. But a quick look at the Centre's publications and seminars over the last 5 years confirms that genuine academic research is not what they do. They do political propaganda, much of it targeted against the one country in the Middle East that they actually have no knowledge of because they do not allow its representatives (except those who campaign for it destruction) to be staff, students, visitors or speakers.

For the record the rest of the LSE signatories are: Prof. Gautam Appa, Dr. Robert Boyce, Mike Cushman, Dr. Konstantina Davaki, Prof. Conor Gearty, Prof. David Graebe, Dr. Jason Hickel
Prof. Nick Humphrey,Prof. Richard Hyman,Prof. Frank Land, Prof. Ailsa Land,Prof. Susan Marks,
Dr. Claire Moon, Prof. Martha Mundy, Dr. Linda Pickard, Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead, Prof. Richard Sennett, Dr. Tony Whelan, Dr. Kalpana Wilson

Update 30 October 2015: LSE hosts exhibition honouring Palestinian terrorists

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fairbrit said...

I oppose boycotts but I support Name And Shame. So - we need to circulate the names of every single one of these 'academics' and ensure that they can never receive Israeli medical diagnostics, drugs, heart pacemakers, nor be able to use bank and credit cards in the Israeli Verifone machines sited in all banks, shops, cafes, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

That's just for starters.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Maurice Solovitz has published the full list here: