Friday, October 30, 2015

The "Official Jews" response to Kaufman: pathetic and inadequate as I predicted

With no rational way to defend the ongoing tsunami of unprovoked attacks by Palestinians/Muslims against Jews in Israel, the antisemites and their friends in the media resorted to a simple lie: "there were no such attacks, and in fact Israel is deliberately killing Palestinians and planting knives". Hence they have created the latest blood libel against Jews.

As I noted in my report on Dave Collier's scoop about Gerald Kaufman, the most serious aspect of Kaufman's speech was not the 'Jewish money buys influence' lie (that Kaufman has stated many times before) but the above blood libel - that incredibly has now become part of the public narrative, with the odious Amnesty International buying into it. At the end of my article I said:
What's the betting that the "Official Jews" only focus their complaints on the Jewish money aspect (because criticism of that is accepted in all 'respected liberal circles') but ignore the far more damaging blood libel (because that, after all, means defending Israel and calling out Palestinian lies, which in not accepted in any liberal circle)?
Well, with the exception of a very good and clear statement by Jonathan Arkush of the Board of Deputies, Britain's 'official Jews' have responded exactly as I predicted. Where they have raised a complaint they have chosen to completely ignore Kaufman's blood libel. The statement from the CST manages to give a detailed report of Kaufman's speech but completely avoids any mention of his claims about Israel even though that was by far the dominant part of the speech! The statement from the Jewish Leadership Council talks about "all the old-fashioned anti-Semitic trope" but also without mentioning the blood libel. All of the Jewish MPs who have made statements about it have also ignored the blood libel.

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Soovey said...

The CST is a cardholding disgrace, as is the Labour Party for letting this hater spout his garbage.

I am ashamed of official Jews and they definitely do NOT speak for me.