Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kaufman's latest antisemitic outburst: as usual the media focuses on the wrong thing

David Collier attended and recorded Gerald Kaufman's talk yesterday at a Palestine Return Centre event in Parliament. The Jewish Chronicle has used his recording to run a story whose headline is also being picked up elsewhere:
 Labour veteran Sir Gerald Kaufman claims 'Jewish money' has influenced Conservatives
His statements about Jewish money and influence are indeed odious - so bad that even the antisemites of the Palestine Return Centre have distanced themselves from them. But he has been spouting this nonsense for a long time.  What is new and far more sinister is that he publicly made a series of blood libels against Israel, starting with the statement:
.. In the last few days alone the Israelis have murdered 52 Palestinians 
This is the lying narrative that Palestinian Muslims are using to justify even more attacks against Israeli civilians. Since every Palestinian death has been the result of them mounting unprovoked attacks against Jews, and since almost every one has been recorded on video (see examples here) this is probably the most easily refuted blood libel in history. That a supposedly intelligent man can make such a statement at an event in Parliament is the real story here. Kudos to David Collier for exposing it, but now is the time for Britain's "Official Jews" to recognise where the focus of this story really lies and to pull their finger out and start legal proceedings against Kaufman.

p.s. What's the betting that the "Official Jews" only focus their complaints on the Jewish money aspect (because criticism of that is accepted in all 'respected liberal circles') but ignore the far more damaging blood libel (because that, after all, means defending Israel and calling out Palestinian lies, which in not accepted in any liberal circle)?

30 October Update: As I predicted Britain's "Official Jews" have indeed chosen largely to ignore the blood libel aspect.

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amie said...

This is the kind of blood libel being published in the letter pages of the Guardian, where I read with horror these outright brazen fabrications from Palestinian "cultural workers":
"In recent weeks, the occupying Israeli military and armed Israeli settlers have killed innocent children and youth, burned farming lands, homes, mosques and churches, and instituted policies of attacking and dividing Palestinian holy sites. These policies of provocation, collective punishment and deep-rooted racism.."
Burning mosques and churches in recent weeks? (I know of the incidents some time last year). Even the biased media have failed to report any such incidents, which they would have blared from the rooftops if there were an inkling of this. And what heaven help us, do they mean by "dividing" Palestinian holy sites?
Who can write to the Guardian to challenge these malevolent lies?