Sunday, October 11, 2015

Guess what story is leading the BBC News now?

(23 Oct 2015 Update: I've had a response from the BBC to my complaint about this).

While the Radio 4 news this morning briefly mentioned the 95 people killed in the terrorist attack in Turkey it gave much more prominence to the story which the presenter headlined as "Palestinian woman and baby killed by Israelis". Above is the BBC News website right now. No mention of the continuing tsunami of attacks against Israel civilians (including the foiled mass suicide bombing attempt on Jerusalem this morning). Also, in common with all other news sources (including bizarrely the Jerusalem Post), the claim of the "Palestinian woman and baby killed by Israelis" was made by Hamas. So why is it instantly believed without any independent verification?

The war against the Jews is now conclusively being carried out jointly by the Muslim terrorists and the media who clearly support them.

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