Sunday, August 23, 2015

Update: Letter to Watford FC about employee Ben Corbyn's blood libels against Israel

Ben Corbyn with one of his heroes Gerry Adams - and sporting "Palestine: end the occupation" t-shirt
13 Sept 2015: See yet another important update.

Following my article earlier today about Jeremy Corbyn's son Ben's deeply offensive facebook postings I have written to Watford FC:

Dear Watford FC

I would like to bring to your attention some of the facebook postings of one of your employees Ben Corbyn that are highlighted in the article here:

While the Facebook page clearly publicizes Corbyn's Watford FC affiliation and activities, it is interspersed with many postings that are deeply offensive not just to Jewish people, but anybody who does not support terrorists and Marxist dictators.

The postings push anti-Israel blood libel stories which have proven to be false, including the particularly offensive story about Palestinian children killed in a school. Like the related stories of Israeli attacks on hospitals, that incident turned out to be the result of a misfired rocket by Hamas (and if you choose to ignore the many Israeli reports at the time proving the rockets were from Hamas, then see this report in the Times, based on evidence from Amnesty International**:

As a private individual Ben Corbyn has every right to say or write what he likes providing it is within the law, but his facebook page is also clearly being written as part of his Watford FC persona. If he wishes to push his political views then they should be somewhere else and NOT on a page where there is a clear Watford FC affiliation, since Watford FC (and others interested in football) should not be subject to such propaganda when they are looking for Watford FC related material.

I would therefore expect an organisation like Watford FC to ask their employees to ensure that Watford FC is not in any way associated with a website they maintain that pushes political propaganda. I also expect Watford FC to ensure that its employee publishes a retraction and an apology for the blood-libel stated above.


Edgar Davidson
**Amnesty International is an organisation which generally bends over backwards to support Palestinian lies as can be seen from here:
Postscipt: I wonder why the Board of Deputies of British Jews leaves it to people like me to raise these sort of concerns. Oh I forgot - it's because of this.

NEW UPDATE. The Corbyns: their anti-Israel hatred is a hereditary compulsive obsessional disorder

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