Wednesday, August 19, 2015

UCU's dedication to 'equality': Now anti-white racism can be added to its institutional antisemitism

Britain's University and College Union (UCU) - which encompasses all higher education employees - has for a long time been at the forefront of the antisemitic campaign to boycott Israel, and in recent years has simply been institutionally antisemitic. But now, as further evidence of its dedication to "Equality" its Equality Unit is promoting a "blacks only" course of "activism". Your could not make this stuff up. The following (and this really is not satire) was forwarded to me by a friend who is a (non-black) member of UCU (note especially how they define a 'black' person):
From: Yasmin Ibrahim
Sent: 17 August 2015 12:55
Subject: A course for black members new to activism

Hi XXXXX - Please can you circulate this note below to all Black Members in UCU.



Dear Member,

This course is aimed at new black* activists and members who are keen to get involved with their branch and the wider union. The course will also contain a CPD session around leadership and mentoring.
*In UCU the word black is used in a political sense to describe people who self-identify as being from a visible minority (more usually from an Asian or African heritage) with a shared experience or understanding of discrimination
This new one day course is specifically designed for UCU *black members who are interested in becoming more involved with UCU. The course will also include a leadership CPD session Come and meet like-minded black members who want to make a difference at work! This course will cover:
  • issues and positive solutions – becoming active in UCU locally
  • leadership and mentoring a professional development session
  • UCU campaigns, how you can get involve.
This course IS for you if:
  • if you are new to activism in UCU
  • if you want to get more involved in your union and are looking to learn more about UCU
  • if you self-identify as black.
Register at link,
Yasmin Ibrahim Equalities, UCU
The link provided also interestingly seems to suggest that, if employers are reluctant to allow time off for this fabulous course then UCU can do something about it, since it says:
Please ensure that you have secured the time off from your employer before applying for a place. If you have any difficulties in doing this please contact

***The boycotters describe (without any hint or irony) the "right to boycott Israeli academics" as an issue "free speech on Palestine and Israel on university campuses". In other words they insist that, as a free speech 'right', they have the right to deny free speech to Israelis or their supporters.

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