Saturday, August 22, 2015

The increasingly ludicrous and pointless Board of Deputies

Today's Jewish Chronicle has this article (click it to enlarge) about the Board of Deputies' forthcoming climate change event that
will allow participants to "share perspectives" in the run-up to the United Nations climate change conference this year.
Why, you may ask, is the Board of Deputies of British Jews (whose mission is to protect the interests of British Jews) spending its donors' money on climate change activism when the community is under threat from a tsunami of anti-Israel hatred and anti-Semitism (not just from extremists but from the main stream media and politicians) about which the BoD does and says nothing.

In fact, I have written many articles over the last few years about the BoD and its increasingly leftist agenda that has nothing to do with its core mission. I provide links below to those articles but to make things simple I have produced a table summarising what the BoD do and do not do. The BoD is funded by all Synagogue members in the UK who pay (mostly unwittingly) the added "BoD levy" to their fees. I strongly recommend you refuse to pay the levy (it is entirely voluntary) for this increasingly ludicrous and pointless organisation.

The Board of Deputies Activities

Previous articles to back-up the above table:


Jeremy Zeid said...

Hi Edgar.

Below is the letter I sent to the Jewish Press having a go at the Judenrat;



It seems that it's business as usual down at the ranch: the change we'd hoped for in the Board of Deputies of British Jews and its new leadership a false dawn.

One would think that the increase in anti-semitism, vandalism of property, spoiling of produce, targeting of Jewish and Israeli businesses, boycott threats, violent demonstrations, a hostile media, physical attacks, deliberate killing of Jews, genocidal religious fanaticism and the rise of the Fascist Left in bed with radical Islam, would galvanize our erstwhile "Leaders" and "Deputies" into action.

Well there is some action, but not the action expected. Instead of tackling the hard job of the Climate of Fear, against the very real threats to our Jewish Community and to Israel; our "Leaders" have instead gone for the fashionable Canute-like soft option of "fighting Climate Change", right-on, risk free and no possibility of accusations of "racism" or "phobias; pats on backs and drinks all round.

And the sick punch line: While Israel's enemies pollute, kill, maim, rape, destroy and enslave their way across the globe, aided and abetted by our deaf, dumb, blind and lobotomised politicians and with Iran now newly empowered by my ol' bestest buddy Barak Obama and "genius" Kerry, the EU and others have ditched their morals and are scrambling over the bodies to pour money into the Mullahs' Iran; While the latter pours money into global death and destruction, Israel, that little oasis, is at the forefront of the technology making the world better and more environmentally sustainable for all, in crops, medicine, water and communications.

The climate the New Continuity Ghetto Council of Deputies needs to change is their "Climate of Complacency", to stop pontificating about theoretical future rainstorms and start dealing with the very real present firestorms of hatred and if they won't, they should get out of the way and let someone else get on with the job. Oh yes, and just for once, learn some basic science.

Jeremy Zeid

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...

Excellent. Let's hope they publish it. The problem is that both the JC and Jewish News are dominated by people with the same Judenrat mentality.