Sunday, August 23, 2015

Corbyn's son: ignorant brainswashed obsessive Israel-hating Marxist bigot

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and that is certainly the case with Jeremy Corbyn's son Ben. All of the images below are screenshots from Ben Corbyn's facebook page (note the very positive response from his father Jeremy to the anti-Israel posting at the bottom).

He actually works as a coach at Watford Football Club, so many of his posts and photos are football related. However, these are interspersed with links to standard Marxist/Islamist stuff praising dictators like Fidel Castro and Islamic supremacists like Reza Aslan. But most of all his obsession is about the "Palestinians" - or to be more accurate the Palestinians of Gaza since he never expresses any concern about the many more thousands of Palestinians being massacred in Syria and elsewhere by fellow Muslims. And, as is standard by these sorts of brainwashed jerks, this obsession involves pushing the inevitable lies and blood libels against Israel (perhaps they need to go to 'Palestine' to discover the reality like this guy did).

Isn't it curious that people like Corbyn who think "Zionists" control everything have absolutely no worries about posting terrorist supporting material and lies on their public facebook pages even though they have a very public position. Yet, if another employee of Watford FC started posting publicly pro-Israel material there would an immediate campaign to boycott the club until the employee was sacked.

Update: Letter I have sent to Watford FC about this.
NEW UPDATE. The Corbyns: their anti-Israel hatred is a hereditary compulsive obsessional disorder 

Note the positive response from Jeremy Corbyn to this post

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Anonymous said...

Edgar Davidson you are a complete cunt

Anonymous said...

Edgar Davidson you are a coward

Anonymous said...

Concur with comments above. You are a cunt and a coward. And are attempting to silence those speaking out against apartheid and attempted genocide. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the 3 comments above. Unabashed apologisism for ethnic cleansing on this page.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of boll locks. This article is full of hatred and lies and most of all twisted facts. Cant believe the idiot who wrote it !

Anonymous said...

all of this is true. imagine being the son of Jeremy corbyn. you will be getting brainwashed every day. god help you if you start to think for yourself. suggest you try to become a normal uk citizen.possibly go somewhere for unbrainwashing. or stay in the equivalent of a cult forever.