Sunday, April 20, 2014

On believing Arab claims of 'war crimes'

One of the reasons why Western governments and the entire Western media continue to regard the Palestinians as 'victims of Israeli aggression' is because they accept the complete lies told them by Palestinians 'on the ground'. This is something I have documented extensively over the years on this blog, and it is why the Guidelines here are not entirely satirical.

Westerners do not understand the central role of 'taqqiya' in Islam, whereby the Koran allows (and even encourages) Muslims to lie in order to 'defeat the kuffars'. But, thanks to the recent case of Tim Burton of Liberty GB Radio, at least the subject is being discussed**.  And in the Telegraph today ("Al-Sweady: revealing the battlefield lies that scar for ever") we discover the extent to which the horrific war-crimes claims made by Iraqi terrorists and their the families against British troops in Iraq were the same type of lies - taqiyya - as used routinely against Israel:
The Iraqis not only claimed they had been beaten and tortured but also denied having taken part in the attack or of being members of the insurgency.
They told the inquiry they were innocent bystanders – farmers tending their fields, or students out reading their books. One insisted he was only in the area in order to buy yogurt for a wedding – despite the fact this would have entailed a nine-mile round trip from his home and no food supplies were found on or near him.
The claims were further undermined by evidence that many of the prisoners and the dead had been dressed in black, the colour of the Mahdi Army, followers of Muqtada Al-Sadr, who were taking part in an uprising at the time.
Indeed the names of the former detainees, along with the insurgent militia platoons to which they belonged, were later found on a document produced in Iraq.
Phil Shiner, of PIL, admitted that if this document had been disclosed sooner, it is unlikely his clients would have been awarded aid by the Legal Services Commission.
It has now emerged that a solicitor with Leigh Day, which represents the Iraqis at the High Court, shredded the original English translation of this document once the inquiry had learnt of its existence and the day before it was due to be collected in August last year. 
It is obvious that the case should never have been brought against the British soldiers (whose lives have been ruined). Yet, the British government was not only willing to accept the lies at face value, but also gave millions of pounds in legal aid to the Iraqi terrorists and their families. If you can imagine this scenario repeated several times every day then that is the reality of what Israel faces, and explains why the useful idiots in the West continue to ignore the daily atrocities carried out by Palestinians, while believing the exact opposite - that the Palestinians are the victims.

**When Fiyaz Mughal used his UK Government funded 'tell MAMA' organisation to report "Islamaphobic attacks" in the UK,  Burton tweeted that Fiyal Mughal was “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist”. Incredibly the West Midlands Police charged Burton with racially aggravated harassment. Fortunately, when the case came to Court the role taqiyya was fully explained and the judge threw out the case against Burton. However, in one of the most ludicrous acts of dhimmitude imaginable the discredited Mughal continues to be feted by Britain's official Jews, with the new announcement that the CST will work ever more closely with him and his bogus group.

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