Sunday, April 27, 2014

Major newspaper finally notices that UK is funding Palestinian terrorists

The fact that a significant proportion of the massive funding that the UK gives to the corrupt Palestinian Authority is used to reward the worst terrorists has been long reported on this (and other blogs) - see e.g. here, here, here, here here and here. It is something I have taken up personally with my MP and the UK Foreign Office. Yet, because it does not easily fit the 'accepted' pro-Palestinian narrative, the main stream media has been determined to stop the British public from knowing about this scandal.

Finally today this story has been noticed by a major newspaper - the Telegraph. Although the Telegraph story does not talk about any of the specific sadistic atrocities carried out by the terrorists rewarded (such as here, here and here) with UK funding, or about the heroes' welcome these animals receive when they are released, it does make very clear the cynicism and corruption of the Palestinian Authority - in particular it highlights the fact that only terrorists (as opposed to other ordinary prisoners) get these special 'welfare payments'.

The fact that Britain has the highest overseas aid budget of any country in the world (as a proportion of GDP) is not at all popular with the British public. Yet every one of the main three parties is committed to at least maintaining the same proportion. So every time any MP (Conservative, LibDem or Labour) is ever challenged on the budget they always parrot out the same nonsense that "reducing the budget will lead to people starving to death in Africa".  Wouldn't it be nice to imagine that one day some brave interviewer might even suggest to one of these MPs that they could reduce the budget by not paying terrorists.

Update: The Daily Mail now also has the story, although it includes the bizarre statement: "The salaries are reserved for those ‘resisting the occupation’ of lands the Palestinians regard as rightly theirs but which are part of the Israeli state." and fails to give details of any of the terrorist atrocities.

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