Saturday, April 05, 2014

Foreign Office responds to my Warsi questions

Following the reports here and here about unelected Baroness Warsi's Islam dominated "Freedom of Religion or Belief" Group I asked the Foreign Office two questions. While I give them credit for responding within 24 hours, the responses simply confirm that Warsi and the entire Foreign Office clearly see their primary function as appeasement and outreach to Muslims and Arabs:
Qu 1: Why has Baroness Warsi appointed as her Adviser on the UK's Freedom of Religion or Belief group group none other than the Swiss Muslim Brotherhood poster boy Tariq Ramadan, the antisemite who in 2006 was banned from the US because of his links to terrorism?

FO Response: "Members of the Freedom of Religion and Belief group were chosen for their expertise in the field and for their ability to challenge conventional thinking on the subject. They include a broad membership from groups including Human Rights Watch and Liberty. When developing policy its best practise to take account of a wide range of views, but Government policy is ultimately decided by ministers. Professor Tariq Ramadan is a distinguished academic who is Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at St Antony's College, Oxford University. He has written and taught extensively on issues relating to Islam, and therefore has plenty of relevant experience to bring to the group.

Qu 2: Why was Arabic, especially, chosen for the UK's Freedom of Religion or Belief group website? [the website is in three languages: English, Urdo and Arabic]

FO Response: "We translate news articles into the local languages for the audiences we are trying to reach."
And also note that (contrary to the response to question 1) as I showed here, the members of the committee do NOT represent a 'wide range of views' at all. They represent Islam, anti-Zionism, and leftist radicalism (and, basically nothing else). And one of the first recommendations that will be made by this committee - and adopted by the Government - will be that blogs like mine will be investigated and closed down for 'promoting Islamophobia'.

Update Feb 2015: It appears Warsi has enabled far more widespread Islamic infiltration into key parts of the government than I ever imagined.

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