Thursday, April 03, 2014

Baroness Warsi: pushing the Islamist agenda (also now in Arabic at UK taxpayers' expense)

Screenshot of Home Page for Warsi's "Freedom of Religion" Group. It is provided in 3 languages English, ARABIC and URDU

I have reported many times (see,, here and here) about the antics of Baroness Warsi, the unelected Muslim supremacist in Cabinet. The problem is that David Cameron has still not worked out that Warsi's only real objective as 'Minister for Faith and Communities' is to criminalise all criticism of Islam and to bolster the presence of Islamic extremists in the UK. Now comes the story (see the report here) that Warsi has appointed as her Adviser none other than the Muslim Brotherhood poster boy Tariq Ramadan, the antisemite who in 2006 was banned from the US because of his links to terrorism. As you can see from the Government website he (along with several others well known for their pro-Islam, anti-Israel views) is also on Warsi's "Freedom of Religion or Belief" group. In case there was any doubt at all about which religion would be given most favoured treatment by this group, note that the wesbite is presented in two other languages as well as English: ARABIC and URDU (at taxpayers' expense of course). I'd love to hear the reason why Arabic, especially, was chosen for the UK's Freedom of Religion or Belief group. And while Muslims and Islamist apologists dominate the Committee there is no representative for Hindus, Sikhs, Catholics, Buddhists etc, while the token Jew heads an organisation that has funded groups that support Hamas and promote a boycott of Israel.

Don't forget that Warsi is also Foreign Office Minister, where again, curiously, all of her efforts seem to be dedicated to Islamic causes namely 1) ensuring billions of pounds in UK aid is sent to her chums in Islamic countries (especially Pakistan but also to terrorists in the Palestinian Authority) ; and 2)  demonising Israel (her latest contribution to this was to praise obsessive Israel-hater Jenny Tonge for her Israel 'expertise').

IMPORTANT UPDATES TO THIS STORY: Warsi's Group is packed with Muslims and/or Israel haters
Update 2: Foreign Office responds to my questions

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