Sunday, April 27, 2014

Israel covering for some of the worst Palestinian terrorists

In 9 years of blogging about Israel this is one of the most disturbing things I have come across (thanks to FresnoZionism and Israel Hayom).

One of the many Palestinian terrorists now being paid a large monthly stipend by British 'aid' to the Palestinians is a  man called Anwar Ahdush who, in 2006, killed one Jewish man with an axe and then raped and murdered a 9-year Jewish girl Lipaz Himi. As reported by Israel Hayom:
Anwar Ahdush, a resident of the village of Tzurif and a member of Fatah’s Tanzim who had entered Israel illegally, confessed to the crime.
Two days before raping and murdering Himi, Ahdush killed another Jew, David Ben-Hamo, with an axe. When police questioned him for the first time, he said he had committed both acts as “revenge for the suffering of Palestinian mothers,” and added that he had also planned to murder a female soldier and kidnap a bus carrying schoolchildren and steer it down a ravine.
When Judge Dalia Ganot of the Tel Aviv District Court asked Ahdush why he had committed the act, he answered: “Because tomorrow this girl will grow up, be in the army and murder our children.” When he was asked why he trained at shooting, he answered, “Because we are in a state of war.” “A war against a 9-year-old girl?” the judge pressed. “For us, there is no 9 years old or 10 years old,” he answered. The fact that since Ahdush’s arrest his family has been receiving a stipend of NIS 4,000 ($1,100) per month from Fatah is further evidence that the crime was nationalistically motivated. 
Despite spending a lot of time in Israel and despite very closely following all Israeli news I had never heard of these particular crimes. And here is the shocking reason why: the Israeli authorities did not classify Ahdush's crimes as terrorism.

In fact the Israeli authorities often go to extreme lengths to hide the fact that an act of terrorism has taken place. Unless the act is a bombing or a multiple shooting, the Israeli authorities will generally classify attacks on Jews by Arabs as 'criminal activity' and explicitly not an act of terrorism. That is what happened in this case and in many others even though the 'criminal'  is a member of a terrorist organisation and openly states that he committed it as a terrorist act. In such cases the authorities often do not reveal the identities of the attackers and so it is even implied that the attacker could be some random Jewish criminal.  Without the terrorist angle many such crimes are not well reported at all.

To comprehend how or why the Israeli authorities should cover for terrorists you need to understand that a large part of the Israeli judiciary is extremely left-wing and often anti-Zionist. I have personally been in a room with a number of Israeli lawyers almost every one of whom took exactly the same position as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in asserting that 'every Palestinian in an Israeli jail was a political prisoner'. One of these lawyers (who assumed that I was left-wing like everybody else in the room) even told me that 'every Arab in an Israeli prison was framed'.

There are also many left-wing Israelis who feel it is racist to suggest that an Arab who attacks a Jew is doing it because they hate Jews. A very common argument I have heard from Israelis is that these kinds of attacks are no different from when Jews fight each other. Many (mostly left-wing) Israelis are in a state of denial about the extent to which their Arab neighbours - and Muslims in general - hate them because they are Jews. That is why many young Israelis who come to places like London for the first time are genuinely shocked when they come across antisemitism directed against them by Muslims. And even then I have heard many such Israelis argue that this is not really antisemitism, but just loutish behaviour that would have happened against anyone who happened to be passing.

26 Nov 2014 Update: Since writing the above article there have been a number of other such cases that I have reported on this blog such as Shelly Dadon and - just today-  the Shin Bet has finally stated publicly that construction worker Netanel Arami was murdered by terrorists despite the fact that this was obvious to all of us who had followed the case from the start and despite all the previous denials.

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