Saturday, August 09, 2014

Countering the shrinking Palestinan maps scam: applying the same logic to the USA

Following on from this article, here is another way to expose the scam of the "shrinking Palestine" maps (above) that are waved at every anti-Israel demo in the world. All I have done is apply exactly the same logic and terminology of the Palestine maps to the USA just before and after the 1776 declaration of independence and today. It makes as much sense as the Palestine maps.

And of course there is always the real map of the shrinking Israel:


Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest a different tack in fighting the anti-Zionist map series. Instead of having the series focus on the post-division territory of the British Mandate for Palestine, with the implication being that the "Arab natives" have steadily lost ground, have the focus be on the broader Levant. This would be done by changing the color of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in each of the maps from grey to green and relabeling what is indicate by green and white. Green would indicate territory where the Pact of Umar was in effect and white would indicate territory where the Jews abrogated the Pact of Umar.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that those who disseminate the map that lies would also gladly disseminate the USA map. In other words, they would agree that the USA is on stolen land.

Anonymous said...

Also, there is a huge difference between the Map that lies and your USA map. It is inaccurate to say that "It makes as much sense as the Palestine maps."

The American "Indians" are the real native people of the land; whereas the Palestinians are not a native people.

You may want to rethink this post...

Please keep up your great work!

Edgar Davidson said...

To anonymous 1 above: Good idea. I will also consider one which shows the vanishing areas of Jewish populations in Arab countries.

To anyonmous 2: Sadly you are right but the point is that most normal people are taken in by the Palestine maps scam and it is those sort of people who might be more scpetical if they realised what it implied for the USA.

To anonymous 3: Agree to an extent but remember the Palestine maps refer to "Palestine" and Palestinian land" rather than any people.

Pedroinspain said...

@Anonymous: What is your proof that the Palestine answer are not the indigenous people of Palestine? I cannot abide the mindless propagation of these unfounded Zines Myths.
PROOF for this racially motivated drivel .... please

mara cohen said...


Arab Palestinians were not Indigenous to the Levant. Arabs invaded and conquered the East Roman (Byzantine) provinces on the Levant, and then colonized the Area. Arabs are indigenous to Arabia. Jews are Indigenous to Judea. Please read Martinez-Cobo working standards of Indigenous Peoples. The commonly accepted standards.