Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Board of Deputies: proud to have kept a low profile for over 200 years

There is an excellent article by Jacob Lyons bemoaning the crisis of leadership within the Jewish community. I have many times on this blog similarly criticized Britain's 'official Jews' and there are none more 'official' and more useless than the Board of Deputies. For anybody attending Wednesday night's 'Town Hall meeting' that is being hosted by the BoD in response to the Gaza crisis and the rise in antisemitism in the UK perhaps you can ask them why their few 'achievements' in the last few years have included:
  • lobbying successfully (in collaboration with Islamic extremists) for the ban of pro-Israel and anti-Jihad human rights activists
  • officially partnering one of the world's most anti-Zionist 'charities' (Oxfam) at the very time it was exposed as funding antisemitic hatred in 'Palestine'
  • cosying up to and honouring some of the country's most notorious Israeli-hating Islamic supremacists
  • cosying up to and honouring anti-Israel politicians
Still, at least they have successfully stuck to their mission of keeping a low profile on antisemitism

Details on the above are in the following links:
Most of the senior members of the Board of Deputies are, I am sure, selfless people dedicated to the Jewish Community and with a strong affinity to Israel. But they have never understood the real threats being faced by Jews and Zionists in the UK; the core problem is that they are still fighting the last war with their obsession that the main threat to Jews still comes from the 'extreme right'. Fighting the (almost negligible) extreme right - while completely ignoring/downplaying the juggernaut threat from the leftist/Islamist alliance - is politically correct and convenient for the BoD because it fits the same narrative as the entire political and media class. I suspect it also placates the increasing number of elected deputies whose sympathies lie with anti-Zionist leftist groups like Yachad (who have been welcomed into the fold).

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