Thursday, August 14, 2014

British Jewry's woeful 'official leadership'

Jewish Chronicle today carries full page advert for the DEC Gaza Appeal Scam
I was unable to attend last night's 'Town Hall meeting'  hosted by the Board of Deputies in response to the Gaza crisis and the rise in antisemitism in the UK. Judging by the report here the audience gave the 'leaders' a bit of a tough time, but it seems that nobody asked the really tough questions I suggested here (especially why the BoD was partnering with Oxfam and why it was lobbying with Islamists to stop pro-Israel speakers from coming to the UK).

It is clear there is no hope of  our 'leaders' stemming the tidal wive of antisemitism because they  refuse to understand that this tidal wive is almost exclusively wrapped up in the form of demonization of Israel and support for Hamas. Anything that fails to address this is doomed to failure In particular, anybody who uses a statement  like "British Jews should not be punished for the actions of the Israeli government" is not only failing to help but is part of the problem as they are actually providing further fuel for the antisemitism. Any statement like that simply confirms in the minds of the antisemites that they are right in their premise that Israel is the root cause of evil. The fact that today's Jewish Chronicle - the so called 'voice of British Jewry' - includes a full page advert for the DEC Gaza appeal scam is a perfect summary of everything that is wrong. This appeal (as discussed here) is a perfect case study of how our enemies' lies lead to demonization of Israel and provide both financial and moral support for Hamas terrorists.

I was also alarmed at the statement made by Mr Weiger suggesting it was right to work with groups like Yachad. How much evidence do people need that Yachad is not 'pro-Israel pro-peace' as they claim but a ferociously anti-Zionist organisation driven by the same sentiments as our enemies (namely that Israel is the root cause of the problem)?


Unknown said...

The mood of the audience was very different to the mood of the panel. Most people who attended were angry and frustrated at the lack of direct and public action organised by our Leadership. Our so called leadership are working very hard, but not very smart. They seem out of touch with the community and determined to carry on doing what they have always done, even though things have changed since 1914.

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...


It is just as well for the panel that the audience was not yet aware that the JC was going to host a full page advert for the Gaza appeal scam. Pollard's ludicrous statement about that tells you the extent to which these people do not understand what they are up against. Whoever paid for that advert to go in the JC had a purely antisemitic agenda. I wonder if the JC would have accepted an advert in 1944 asking Jews to contribute to the welfare of German children killed in allied bombing raids.