Tuesday, June 04, 2019

YouTube bans video exposing antisemitism in Ireland

In April I posted a video from Tuvia Tenenbom showing his discussion with a group of antisemites in a pub in N. Ireland. I had added English subtitles to the video as some of the dialogue was difficult to hear.

As with many videos that expose antisemitism and anti-Israel hatred, YouTube removed the video on the basis of "violation of policy on hate speech".

Not only are the main social media companies removing the voices of some who strongly support Israel, but they are also systematically removing evidence of vicious antisemitism and Israel hatred.

I have now uploaded the video to bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fD1JDvgr5iJA/


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, an Irish friend who was posting Ireland's antisemitism repeatedly had to be blocked from my FB page. Maybe we should all ban such derogatory posts by blocking these so-called "friends." We could probably kill most of the shares if everybody did it.

moxi said...

Google / YouTube blocks or removes many videos which don't cover their leftist views.

Anonymous said...


Watchman said...

Sorry to say, but the Irish are some of the worst Jew haters. I had the misfortune of running into one in Tesco Harrow, yesterday. Every single anti-Jew, anti-israel trope and libel, right down to "all Jews are russian converts" I kid you not. The standard, Jews stole Palestine and worst of all, Trump funded Noraid. There was more, but by that time, I made my excuses and left the ignorant old church indoctrinated shithead ranting. As a final comment, his equally ghastly wife shared the same views.

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