Sunday, April 24, 2016

The real lesson of Malia's antisemitism that everybody is missing

For all those (including especially British Jews) demanding unlimited immigration from Muslim countries, imagine millions more like Malia - only less educated and more extreme - in positions of power. This is the future of the UK.  No matter how well educated and secular they are, it seems many immigrants (and their children) from Muslim countries can NEVER shake off their sense of Islamic supremacism (which includes contempt for Christianity) and most of all their antisemitism. It is in their bones.

And, of course, like all leftists Malia is a Palestinianist.


Steve Loeb said...

Despite all the pretense that she has any genuine intellect, seems to me she's just a knuckle dragging bigot

mycamrea9 said...

The Nazi propaganda Minister Goebbels would be proud of her.

Marie Smedberg said...

Got her name on the net. Good for her. Now, hit the delete key.