Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nothing special about Naz Zhah - plenty more antisemites like her in the Labour Party


Naz Shah should consider herself unlucky because she was stupid enough not to remove the most blatantly antisemitic of her Facebook postings once she became a 'public figure'.

There are many others in the Labour Party whose views are identical to hers but who have been a bit more careful; they restrict their public displays of antisemitism to simply spewing blood libels against the Jewish State and denying it the right to defend itself against terrorists, while supporting those same terrorists. The party leader Jeremy Corbyn is one such person, although like Ken Livingstone and Gerald Kaufman he has at least come in for some genuine scrutiny. But why have so many others avoided it? In particular, it seems almost every Muslim Labour MP shares the exact same views as Naz Shah, so maybe their ethnicity puts them 'out of bounds' under the ludicrous assumption that 'minorities cannot possibly be racist'.

I therefore present a just a small sample of other antisemitic Labour MPs:
As I said in a previous post about the newly elected female Muslim NUS President, no matter how well educated and secular they are, it seems many immigrants (and their children) from Muslim countries can NEVER shake off their sense of Islamic supremacism and most of all their antisemitism. It is in their bones.

There are many more, but I will leave it up to our leaders at the Board of Deputies and CST to do the work  (yes that was a joke - the BoD and CST are much more likely to be providing support for the above MPs in 'combating Islamophobia). To date only a handful of bloggers (such as Richard Millett) have been highlighting the views of these people.

Update: Plenty of politicians have defended Naz Shah's antisemitism and not just Labour ones like Ken Livingstone and Rupa Huq. And what a surprise - they include Baroness Warsi.

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