Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Where should we Jews return to Mr Galloway?"

George Galloway - along with many other leftists who demand the destruction of the State of Israel - - says that the Jews there should 'return to New York, Poland and Germany'. But, about 80% of Israeli Jews were born in Israel, and a majority of those whose families originate from outside did not come from Europe or America but from other Middle Eastern and African countries (including Ethiopia of course). Unlike the relatively small number of Jews who have emigrated from the USA and Europe since 1948, every one of those families had no option other than to leave and return to their true ancestral home.

There is absolutely nothing unusual about the photo above (of orthodox black Jews) that I took while I was at the Western Wall in Jerusalem yesterday since "Western Jews" in Israel are a minority. But it did make me think about the ignorance of George Galloway whose views are actually shared not just by most Western leftists but also by almost every Muslim in the world.

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