Saturday, February 20, 2016

Are Jews being sacrificed for political correctness in Israel?

Earlier today I wrote my thoughts about the knifing murder of Tuvia Weissman by two 14-year old Arab terrorists, arguing that these kind of killings will continue while there are multiple incentives for the killers and no deterrents.

But there is something more disturbing about this case than any of the other recent terrorist attacks. Just hours before the attack Israel's Chief-of-Staff Gadi Eisenkot made the disgraceful public statement that Israeli forces had been wrong to shoot young terrorists (a statement that was predictably lapped up by the Israel-hating western media as it played directly into their narrative about the current intifada).

Was this obsession 'not to look bad in the eyes of the western media to blame for Tuvia's death? Of the few details that have been released about his murder we know that the terrorists entered the supermarket with their knives and were in the store for 20 minutes looking for victims. Given the location, the current situation, and the description of the killers how was this possible?

The fact that there appears to be a complete media blackout concerning the killers is also disturbing. None of the reports says anything about them other than that they came from a nearby Arab village. There was a photo of one of them being treated in an Israeli hospital which I can no longer find. One report says one was killed while another says they both survived and are being treated in different Israeli hospitals. How is it possible that, 24 hours after such a terrorist attack, the Israeli media is saying nothing about the killers?

Is the news blackout because the Government does not want anybody to know that these killers will be allowed to go free (because of their age) once they receive the best Israeli medical treatment and recover? And that the killers will be welcomed back as heroes by the Palestine Authority?

Or are they now covering up for Gadi Eisenkot who should have been sacked immediately after he made his public statement?

Tuvia Weissman (with wife and child): sacrificed for political correctness?

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