Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Corbyn's obsession with following "anti-Israel" twitter accounts that do not hide their antisemitism

Jeremy Corby follows this antisemitic twitter account (click to enlarge)
Interesting to discover Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is a Twitter follower* of an account called "Israel Apartheid".  To get a feel for how antisemitic this account is check out the very top followers in the above screenshot. But that's nothing compared to the antisemitism of an account called "Jew4Palestine", which coincidentally, Corbyn also follows. As you can see from the screenshot below the latest tweets on that account are actually all about the terrorist murders last December in San Bernandino committed by ISIS husband and wife Farooq and Tashveen Malik. "Jew4Palestine" clearly sympathizes with the terrorists and repeats the lie that Farooq was 'bullied at work" by a "Zionist Jew" But in typical confused and paranoiac antisemitic style you can see that "Jew4Palestine"also believes the Jews support ISIS....

Corbyn also follows this antisemitic account ... and many others (click to enlarge)
But these are by no means an aberration. I just checked the other 2000 or so accounts that Corbyn follows. I counted about 130 'Palestine' related sites that are primarily focused on boycotting Israel and pumping out anti-Israel propaganda. Most of these also contain virulent antisemitic blood libels. Moreover, Corbyn's anti-Israel obsession is not balanced with an interest in any other foreign country. Apart from a handful of accounts supporting communist or socialist parties in countries such as Venezuela, Corbyn has no interest at all in any foreign affairs other than his hatred of the Jewish State.

It is also interesting to note that, with the exception of accounts relating to Left wing organisations and people (including the Communist Party), the only other 'political' accounts he follows are those of  Islamic charities, and commentators known for their obsessive hatred of Israel.

A small selection of some of the many dozens of anti-Israel accounts that Corbyn follows
Of course, as I pointed out previously (see links below), Corbyn has managed to pass on his obsessive hatred for the Jewish State to his three sons. I just checked the twitter account of Ben Corbyn. He follows just 76 accounts, most of which are football related. The only 'political' accounts he follows are:
See also:
*"Following" a twitter account does not mean that you support the ideas of the person or organisation. Indeed it is useful to follow accounts of people you fundamentally disagree with in order to find out what they are up to and respond to their lies (which is why, for example, I "follow" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn). But that does not apply to politicians. If, for example, David Cameron was found to be a follower of the British National Party then that would be a major scandal. So only Jeremy Corbyn can explain his obsession for following antisemitic accounts.

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