Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Israel should have said following the attack against Iranian and Hezbollah terrorist commanders

This is a follow up to my posting here about the dumbest statement ever made by an Israeli official.

What Israel should have said to Hezbollah and Iran following the successful attack against their  terrorist commanders on the Israel-Syria border was something like the following:
We have demonstrated that, when you threaten us with murder and plan your terrorist attacks, we can strike even your most senior commanders anywhere and any time. The Hezbollah terrorist commander we eliminated was - like his father before him (who we also eliminated when he felt safe) - one of the most evil men in the world who was dedicated to killing Jews. The world is a better place for his death, as it is for the death of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander who sowed state-sponsored terrorism throughout the world. There is no reason for any Lebanese or Iranian terrorists to be in Syria, let alone on our border planning attacks, and if any of you even think about coming close again you will meet the same fate as your colleagues on Sunday. As for any form of retaliation - if you even think about that, then we can guarantee a response 100 times more devastating than what you have seen so far. In the words of Clint Eastwood - go ahead and make my day....
Sadly instead of that a "senior Israeli defence official" essentially issued a craven apologetic statement that effectively said:
"We didn't mean to kill your top men - we thought they were some petty criminals from a completely different terrorist organisation. So we accept that you now have every right to attack us but please, please don't as we promise we will never touch you again even though you are planning massive terrorist attacks against us from a country you have no right to be in"
Who seriously believes that the actual statement makes Israel more secure in the long term than my proposed statement? I'd be interested to know if anybody can shed any light on the morons in the political and defence establishment who allowed the 'apology' to be made.


asherpat said...


Have you seen the film "the Gatekeepers"? It is a leftie documentary that reveals that 5 (!), practically ALL, Shabak's heads are lefties.

Efraim HaLevy, a recent Mossad's head was trying in 2012 or so, AFTER he retired, to stop Israel attacking Iran's nuclear program by going to the press.

Tzipi Livni was a senior in the Mossad.

Sometimes it happens that an organisation (in this case, organisations of Mossad and Shabak, that must be operating very close together) have developed over the years a culture that draws and promotes lefties. For example, the British Foreign office and the US State Dept, are permeated with Arabists (the FO) and anti Israelis (the State Dept), no matter which minister is in charge (not that the sneaky Hague and the "Homeland" president Obama are not helping these departments in fighting ISrael and the free world...).

It is possible that Israeli intelligence community is as "Zionist" as lets say Meretz, which means, that they are "fighting with a tear in their eye when they hit anyone" and sometimes, they even are subconsciously make actions that undermine Israel, they are Left, after all.

An interesting example that I hear recently about a prominent "Zionist left" family whose son graduated from IAF's pilot school. Their cognitive dissonance was placated by the fact that the son became a cargo pilot, not fighter jet or attack chopper pilot so that "he doesn't have to shoot and kill Palestinians"...

So as a bottom line I would like to say that I don't exclude that many "mistakes", such as the one that you rightly identify are not "mistakes" but rather actions of people who are really semi-traitors.

If you have seen "Homeland", you will probably understand what I mean. By the way, "Homeland" was the favourite TV series of one Barack Obama...

Confronting antisemitism and Israel hatred said...


I have not seen "the Gatekeepers", but I know about it. I think your analysis is spot on. I have met HaLevy and (other than his very incisive views about the disastrous role Shimon Peres has played throughout the years) he is deeply unimpressive. In fact he is a total defeatist. He actually told a public audience I was at that Israel cannot defeat its enemies.

asherpat said...


unfortunately, I disagree with you that this is merely "defeatist". I'm afraid that there is a subconscious siding with the enemy, which is in the end treason. And this attitude, even if subconscious, permeated the organisations that are at the root of defending the Jewish nation from another Shoah.

These people call themselves "ha-makhane ha-Zioni", and they sincerely believe that they are Zionists, but I feel, paraphrasing Star Trek, "this is Zionism, but not as we know it". It is Zionism of the New Israel Fund.

I hope that a blogger can address this phenomenon - of the intelligence services of Israel being in grip of post-zionists.