Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Now that Israel is under attack again - a new template for all newspaper editors

The scale of Hezbollah's attacks against Israel in the 24 hours (with several Israelis already confirmed dead) is such that Israel's response must be severe. So expect the standard 'quality' of media reporting when Israel is involved.

Following on from my advice to newspaper editors during last summer's Gaza war, I attach here a simple template to save them the effort of any novel reporting over the next few weeks. This easily adapted template can be repeated EVERY day until a ceasefire is imposed on Israel <*for the figures simply refer to the method described here>.

And, while all the massacres carried out by Islamists over the last 6 months failed to draw any protests to the streets of Western cities, all the leftists and Muslims now have an excuse to get back on the streets and chant "we all Hezbollah, we are all Hamas, death to Israel". Indeed an emergency protest has already been arranged outside the Israeli embassy in London!

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